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Taylor Family Foundation is a small family foundation created by Steven and Natalie Taylor in 2016. Steven and Natalie met in high school and from a young age shared a vision of making a difference in a world filled with many needs. Today, with their 3 young children, they begin their dream of giving back; this foundation is their vehicle to further demonstrate their commitment to "Tikkun O'lam,"  a Jewish value which means  to "Heal the World." They hope to identify programs that provide tools, support, and opportunity to both childrens' and homeless causes that facilitate long term change for its individuals. 


Currently, Steven sits on the Leadership Advisory Board for Vista Del Mar. Together they have sponsored the Impact Scholarship Program with FIDF, which funds higher eduction for soldiers to attend Universities. 

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Taylor Family Foundation will be launching it's first tenant mixer in Spring 2018 to bring awareness to an important cause and organization, Brilliant Corners, which is a "supportive housing agency serving people with developmental disabilities and other special needs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County, including individuals transitioning from homelessness, institutional settings, and homeless Veterans," as cited from their website. 

In the summer of 2018, Steven and Natalie along with their children will have an amazing opportunity to meet the students of FIDF in their home country of Israel, who have been directly impacted by the family's scholarship funding. 


In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet the soldiers of a  battalion that they sponsored. 


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